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Research Centre

The PG Departments of Botany and Chemistry are approved research centres of Mahatma Gandhi University, Kottayam. Four research guides are serving in the Department of Botany and one in Chemistry. Nine Full Time and one Part Time Research Scholars are pursuing their PhD programme in the Department of Botany.
Furthermore, PG Department of Physics along with Botany and Chemistry are recognized by DST-FIST by Govt. of India. From the DST-FIST programme, the College have procured higher end models of sophisticated analytical instruments for PG students and research activities. A separate instrumentation facility laboratory and fully equipped Phytochemistry research laboratory is also functioning.

Renowned plant taxonomist, and former faculty in the Department of Botany, Dr. CN Sunil is serving the department as a research guide. Very recently a group of scientists from Kottakkal Arya Vaidyasala has honoured Dr. CN Sunil by giving his name as species name (Utricularia sunilii) for a new plant species discovered from Western Ghats, as a mark of his relentless contribution to plant taxonomy. Dr. CN Sunil also bagged the best Environmental Researcher Award from the Kerala State Biodiversity Board, 2017-18. Forty seven new to science plant species have been discovered by Dr. CN Sunil and his team, till date.

One Major Research Project is undergoing in the department of Botany, funded by KSCSTE, entitled the Investigations of Algal Blooms in Central Kerala. Another major project entitled the Studies on flowering plant diversity of Ernakulam district" funded by the UGC has been completed. Apart from this, several minor research projects were also completed in various departments in the recent past.

The College has a Research Committee to facilitate and monitor research activities, address the issues of research and to popularize the importance of research and development in the field of higher education. A multi disciplinary ISSN journal namely, Journal of Current Studies, is also publishing from the colleges and Research Centres to make the College a leading centre of higher education in the state